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Welcome to the Shannon Gaels Games Development Page.

The purpose of the Games Development program in Shannon Gaels is to, not only help strengthen Shannon Gaels as a GAA club, but also to help spread the GAA throughout all of New York to communities that may have never have had the opportunity to experience our sports and culture.

As the Games Development Officer, I oversee that all our young club members are receiving the best training as possible while in a fun and safe environment. I also ensure that our coaches are fully up to date with their GAA coaching qualifications.

My own personal aims for the club are to have our young club members & athletes gain lifelong good habits for both physical activity and nutrition. By creating an environment in which physical activity, sport and health is fun and enjoyable, our young players can grow up leading a fit and healthy lifestyle. My love for the GAA has come from growing up in a small rural parish in Ireland where the GAA is the be all and end all! This love for the GAA has transformed into a passion for all things sport and health related and led me to pursue an Education in Sport & Exercise Sciences from the University of Limerick.  

The spreading of the GAA and Irish culture is a very important piece of the Shannon Gaels goal and this is achieved by our in-school GAA coaching program. So far, we are currently located in two middle schools in Queens, St Mel’s Catholic Academy & Hawtree Creek Middle School, where I coach kids between the ages of 8 – 12. Entering these American schools has been tremendous in helping Shannon Gaels spread our name as a fun Irish sports club and a helpful community of people, as we offer these programs completely free of charge for the students.

While we are all going through this current global health pandemic, I have been hosting daily Facebook live home workouts. These workouts are intended to be quick and easy for the whole family to complete with little to no equipment needed and very little room actually required.




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